Last new Pomze’s seasonal menu.

A special moment to share the Saint Valentin.

Welcome to Pomze. Thanks for visiting our site.

At Pomze, we are passionate about food... and passionate about apples.

Looking forward to seeing you at Pomze.

Pomzely yours...

Minutes away from the Parisian department stores on Boulevard Haussmann and the Saint-Augustin Church, Pomze welcomes you to the warm and refined ambience of a newly established restaurant with apples as the central theme.

With a combination of modern styling and innovative cuisine prepared with care and passion to bring out the countless favours of apples, Pomze leaves an indelible impression on all who dine there.

Special attention is paid to our wine and cider list, with over thirty quality ciders directly sourced from selected producers from all regions of France.

Pomze gives you the opportunity to taste our fresh home-made pastries for breakfast or tea time.

And if you’re eager to rediscover real apple flavours, we suggest you taste one of our 6 pure apple juices, each made out of one single apple variety with no additive whatsoever. You will certainly be amazed at the differences in taste and aromas offered by each variety.

Pomze also offers a gourmet shop with a unique range of apple brandies and calvados. Original gifts can be arranged out of fresh apples, home-made apple chutneys and preserves as well as cooking books and award winning design knives and accessories.

Enjoy your round-the-apple gourmet journey !