Pomze is leaving Boulevard Haussmann.

I am sorry to announce the closing of Pomze after 17 years in business.

I spite of all of our efforts, Covid 19 has just been too much for our business to overcome . The development of work from home, and the absence of tourists has made it impossible to imagine continuing on in a part of Paris particularly affected.

For two years we have battled crisis after crisis : from the “gilets jaunes” protests and the violent Saturdays, to the various strikes affecting business in the center. The March 14 decrees, and the closing of all establishments have just been too much for us to overcome.

As I review all of the images of our 17 years in business, I wish to only hold on to the positive, and thank all of our customers who chose to share their most important moments with us - weddings, proposals, births, announcements and life changing moments.

I wish to thank also all of our suppliers, who’s support cannot be stated enough, and have been saddled with the same difficulties in a Paris that has become so difficult to navigate.

Thank you also to our cider suppliers for their quality ciders, and our apple suppliers for their delicious apples. These friendships and exchanges made throughout the years, for which I remain grateful, now lost in a turbulent time.

I wish to mention also the many people who worked for us, and brought with them so much enthusiasm and culinary know how in our pursuit of our apple based theme.

Finally, I wish to mention and thank all of the journalists who helped to shine a light on a project as atypical as ours, and the culinary reviewers for their encouragement.

To evolve has never been a question, it is in fact the DNA of the restaurateur, as is the passion for the product, and a desire to share.

My passion for this way of life remains intact in spite of this difficult chapter and I thank each and every one of you.

Daniel Dayan